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Holmes Healing

Rachel Holmes

Spiritual Guide, Healer and Teacher

Meet Rachel

Rachel is a spiritual guide and healer, soul aligner, energetic initiator, teacher of metaphysics, sound healing practitioner, and artist. She specializes in facilitating the process of grounding one's Higher Self into their physical Earth body, accessing one's unique soul gifts through the akashic records, providing practical tools for transformation, being a clear channel for information to come through, clearing and balancing energy, and helping people discover deeper levels of peace.

Rachel has been a student of metaphysics for 17 years, and became a educator in 2012. Rachel has studied her craft extensively with teachers, mentors and healers who are at the top of their field. She believes learning and exploring is a never ending process that one should open heartedly embrace.

Rachel has clients all over the world, and works with people at different stages of a soul’s path. She would be pleased to work with you if you are ready to open up to the possibilities of what life can be.

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Spiritual Guidance + Healing

Communicating with your higher self, ancestors and spiritual guides, and working with your akashic records, I bring through messages and guidance to help align you with your truth and purpose. Energetic shifts to re-harmonize your system are a part of this work as well. Depending on where you are in your process, initiations, activations can take place as well as clearing up trauma and karma. You can leave these sessions with a great deal of information and feeling grounded, centered, at peace and inspired. We can look at any topic you want, or we can allow spirit to guide the way. This service is suitable for you if you want to - release emotional blocks - clear and balance your chakras and aura - work through trauma - align your higher self with your physical self - look at and work through karma - do ancestral clearing - look into your akashic records - understand your soul contracts - understand your gifts and purpose on Earth - receive energetic downloads and upgrades

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Sound Healing

Relax and allow yourself to expand while you experience the vibration of sound traveling into every cell in your system bringing balance to the body and peace to the mind. Sound healing is great for you if you are looking to - have a meditative experience - release emotional blocks - release physical pain - get clarity - harmonize your nervous system - release stress - feel less anxious - feel expanded and grounded at the same time.

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Restorative Yoga

Rest, heal and restore balance to your nervous system with Restorative Yoga. Each posture offers an opportunity to still the mind, release the body, and relax muscular tension. This practice is great for those who deal with stress, limited mobility, physical pain or just want to find more inner peace.

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I specialize in feminine forms of meditation that utilize visualizations and the imagination to open up the mind and the senses.

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Oracle Hour

Beginning in January 2024 I will be offering a monthly community oracle session. This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time, and now feels like the right time to dive in. The goal is to make my work accessible to more people, and build a spiritual community together!

Each month I will lead the group through a grounding and centering practice, bring through information around a theme, and then answer any questions from the participants regarding any topic that isn't personally directed.

Oracle Hour is a donation based offering. If you are interested in attending please click on the date that you would like to attend for the zoom link. Donations can be made via venmo to @RachelLHolmes

Sunday, January 7 at 1 pm MST | 3 pm EST | 8 pm GMT

Sunday, February 4 at 1 pm MST | 3 pm EST | 8 pm GMT

Sunday, March 3 at 1 pm MST | 3 pm EST | 8 pm GMT

Sunday, March 4 at 1 pm MST | 3 pm EST | 8 pm GMT

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Scalarwave Overnight + Soundbath

In this overnight experience surrounded by an energy enhancement system that produces multiple bio-active energy fields, you will feel lighter, energy flowing and balanced. Pairing this with sound healing creates an experience where old energy moves out and new energy can move in.

This event is limited to only 6 people.

Please email holmeshealing@gmail.com to reserve your spot.

Friday, January 26

The experience begins at 9:30 pm

Scalar Wave Wellness

900 Hendersonville Road #101B

Sound Bath

Relax and allow sound vibrations from crystal bowls, chimes and drums to calm your nervous system while you are guided through Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep. This practice helps clear physical, emotional and mental blocks, stimulate the glandular system, harmonizes the nervous system, and brings balance to the body and peace to the mind.

Please email holmeshealing@gmail.com to reserve your spot.

Saturdays beginning February 17

10 - 11 am | $25

Triveda Wellness

32 Broadway St. Suite 240

Asheville, NC 28801

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Soik | Singapore

"I always look forward to Rachel's classes. Her patience, knowledge, strength and energy guided my practice, and I've enjoyed every single class. I remember how she started planning and prepping us for handstands over a series of classes. She consciously designed appropriate modifications for each of us. The joy she, and the rest of us felt, wasn't about the achievement, but about the mindful process. Thanks Rachel, I look forward to taking your classes again."

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Lyn | Jackson, WY

"Rachel is that rare combination of being both an extraordinary gifted artist as well as a healer. She is kind, fierce, truthful, authentic and she is wise beyond her years. Rachel co-mingles her many talents and gifts in her chakra readings and sound bowl sessions, imparting information and insights that guide the participant to the core of their essence and life purpose. Her being and presence helps energetically shift one to new vibrational levels. In my sessions with Rachel, I often discover new parts of myself that are ready to emerge and find expression, awakening my inner gold within. I am grateful to have Rachel assist me on my path, and I highly recommend her to my friends and clients."

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Asami | Japan

"Sometimes we are so occupied with trying to make it through our everyday lives that we forget why we were born. My experience with Rachel's Spiritual Healing session let me pause for a moment and remind myself that I am a spiritual being. I felt fulfilled afterwards and am grateful for every word I received. I would very much love to keep attending her sessions, and maintain my inner self. I appreciate Rachel offering the session fulfilled afterwards and am grateful for every word i received. I would very much love to keep attending her sessions, and maintain my inner self. I appreciate Rachel offering the session internationally, and I look forward to having a session in person someday."

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Jess | Florida

"My reading with Rachel was everything I needed it to be, and more energy than I expected came through. Rachel's intuition was spot on and confirmed everything I had been feeling but not yet willing to fully accept. She gave me the gentle nudge that I was looking for, and the confirmation of the energy I had been feeling so that I could move forward with more clarity and confidence in myself and my path. I am grateful to have found her, and you will be too. Open yourself to the energy you seek and Rachel will certainly bring it forward for you to bask, heal and integrate with. Love and Blessings, Jess!"

MetaSpace Podcast

In this podcast I interview healing practitioners, community leaders, and other people I find fascinating. This was a project I did during the height of COVID as a way to stay connected with people while we had to be separated.


On my YouTube channel you will videos of talks I have given and talks by other teachers I have held space for.


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Please feel free to reach out with any questions.



In person sessions are held at

Triveda Wellness

32 Broadway St. Suite 240, Asheville, NC 28801

Medicine Wheel Wellness

120 W Pearl Ave. Suite C, Jackson, WY 83001

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